REMX Three Phase Aluminium Electric Motors - 8 Pole

8 POLE: Relates to a motor that has a synchronous speed of 750rpm. Motors in this speed range, with losses allowed will run between 670rpm for the smaller units and up to 740 + rpm in the larger models.

Smaller motors are of a smaller rotating diameter and smaller kilowatt, giving greater speed losses. Aluminium Motors up to 112 Frame are available with rotatable terminal box and removable feet.

Please note: All motor stock changes daily. Please contact us for an update on various models not stated below.

Kilowatt Frame Motor Speed (in RPM)
00.25 802-8 640
00.37 90S-8 660
00.55 90L-8 660
00.75 100L1-8 690
1.1 100L2-8 690
1.5 112M-8 690