1000 Volt Electric Motors

We have Western Australia’s largest range of 1000v mining motors in stock and on our shelves ready for urgent supply whether it be underground for ventilation, water pumping or hydraulics, we can have stock ready for you.

Please note: All motor stock changes daily. Please contact us for an update on various models not stated below.

KilowattFrame SizeSpeed
2.290F2 Pole
3100F2 Pole
4112M2 Pole
7.5132F2 Pole
11160F2 Pole
15160F2 Pole
30200F2 Pole
37200F2 Pole
45225F2 Pole
75250F2 Pole
90280F2 Pole
110280F4 Pole
1.590F4 Pole
3100F4 Pole
4112M4 Pole
5.5132F4 Pole
7.5132F4 Pole
15160F4 Pole
22180F4 Pole
55250F4 Pole
75250M4 Pole
90280F4 Pole
110280F4 Pole
160315M4 Pole
55280F6 Pole
75280F6 Pole