Looking for a capacitor in Perth? Electric Motor Sales carries in stock a full range of capacitors to suit a wide range of domestic and industrial machinery including pool pump capacitors, spa pump capacitors, capacitors for single phase electric motors, welders, generators and power supplies.

Please see the list below for a sample of the capacitors that we have in stock. If you require a capacitor that isn’t listed, please contact us.

450v2mfdRun Capacitor
450v3mfdRun Capacitor
450v4mfdRun Capacitor
450v5mfdRun Capacitor
450v6mfdRun Capacitor
450v8mfdRun Capacitor
450v10mfdRun Capacitor
450v12mfdRun Capacitor
450v15mfdRun Capacitor
450v16mfdRun Capacitor
450v18mfdRun Capacitor
450v20mfdRun Capacitor
450v25mfdRun Capacitor
450v30mfdRun Capacitor
450v35mfdRun Capacitor
450v40mfdRun Capacitor
450v45mfdRun Capacitor
450v50mfdRun Capacitor
450v55mfdRun Capacitor
450v60mfdRun Capacitor
450v65mfdRun Capacitor
450v70mfdRun Capacitor
450v80mfdRun Capacitor
450v90mfdRun Capacitor
450v100mfdRun Capacitor
250v108-130ufStart Capacitor
250v145-174ufStart Capacitor
250v189-227ufStart Capacitor
250v270-324ufStart Capacitor

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