Industrial Pumps

Electric Motor Sales has a full range of industrial pumps in stock. We can supply or source an industrial pump to suit your needs.

Below is a sample of what we can supply. Please contact us if what you require is not listed.

ISO 2858 Series Pumps

ISO compliance pumps are available as standard direct coupled units suitable for direct coupling or pulley driven by electric motors, petrol or diesel engines and hydraulic motors. Stalker ISO pumps are also manufactured for close coupling to electric motors. These pumps are suitable for pumping clean water, sea water, waste water, sewage and hazardous as well as corrosive liquids.

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Base Frame Mounted Pumps ISO 2858 (dc) Series Electric Motor Driven

Standard Design Features:

  • ISO DC Series Pump Assembly - Heavy duty type to suit application configuration.

  • Electric Motor - fitted to suit tropical conditions as standard and complying with relevant Australian and international standards.

  • Base Frames - steel sections to AS 3679 channel or angle available in open, skid or direct base mount options with lifting options to suit.

  • Galvanised, epoxy coated or standard surface finishes available.

  • Standard 4 point lifting (central single point lift is optional).

  • Drive Couplings - Heavy duty Flexible Tyre, spacer type or Pin Bush types available fitted with shaft taper lock bushes for ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Coupling Guard - Fully enclosed 1.5 - 2 mm steel anti scatter type.

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Compact Series Close Coupled (cc) Electric Driven Pumps

Design Features:
  • Casing / Impeller / Intermediate Cover / Motor End & Coupling.

  • Cast Iron to AS1830 T150 – 220 grade.

  • Direct shaft mounted Impeller.

  • Fasteners - Zn Coated 4.6 - 8.8 grade.

  • Gaskets/Seals - Nitrile or Insertion Rubber.

  • Mechanical Seal - DIN 24960 - Rubber Bellows Type.

  • Shaft thrower electric motor bearing protection.

  • Ball Bearings ( Motor ) - Long life maintenance free.

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    Firejet 4050 self priming and 40SP BPO (cc) close coupled fire fighting series engine driven for standard and heavy duty applications

    Basic Design Features:

    • 4050 Firejet features self priming operation with high discharge delivery from a 3 way discharge adapter.

    • 40SP BPO features back pull out centrifugal pump assembly.

    • Both pumps feature an uncomplicated mechanical design which provides excellent reliability and easy service and maintenance.

    • Optional material assemblies available eg. Light weight all Marine grade aluminium components assembly Primarily suited for the fire fighting industry or Heavy duty Spheroidal Graphite (SG) iron assembly with marine grade bronze impeller.

    • DIN 24960 rubber bellows mechanical seal fitted as standard.

    • Gaskets and O ring materials from nitrile rubber and insertion rubber.

    • Fasteners are standard 4.6/8.8 high tensile zinc coated with 316 Stainless steel optional.

    • Base frames manufactured from channel or angle complying to AS3679 are available.

    • Diesel or petrol engines options available and are sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Honda, Vanguard and Yanmar starting at 9 horsepower.

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